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Who is Kardsharq?

Kardsharq was started out of a very basic idea. Trading cards (sports and non-sports) have a value. We took this basic concept and looked at the trading card industry and had more questions than answers.
1.  Why are books and magazines telling me what the value is for my trading card?
2.  Isn’t the value of a card that was published in a magazine months ago already invalid?
3.  How did they get that price anyway?
4.  Isn’t the true price of my trading card whatever someone is willing to spend on it?
In today’s technologically advanced world where one can watch a stock move up or down throughout the day, can’t the same philosophy be applied to trading cards? Kardsharq is here to help people that either dabble in trading cards or are true enthusiast in finding the most realistic value of their trading card and help in managing their collection.
 How it works
1.  Utilizes the largest auction website in the world, eBay, as its market (where people are buying and selling).
2.  Aggregates the "for sale" and "sold" data of an entered trading card
3.  Displays the volume, hi, low and average price, similiar to a stock quote, for both what is currently for sale and what has been sold over the last 15 days.
Search Options and Collection Portfolio
Basic Search
Any user visitng kardsharq.com can use the basic search where a user can enter their trading card (i.e.  1951 Parkhurst Gordie Howe #66) and view their price
Assisted Search
A registered user has access to not only the basic search but also the assisted search.  The assisted search feature can help you narrow down your search of your trading card with the help of drop down menus.
Collection Portfolio
A registered user has access to their own collection portfolio (similiar to a stock portfolio).  Once you have performed a search and received the average price, you can add this to your portfolio where you can add your purchase price and let kardsharq determine the % increase/decrease in value.  Having your own portfolio will allow you to perform updates on your cards to see the most current market prices.
Mobile Apps and Social Media
A free and paid version of Kardsharq is available on android and will soon be available on iPhone.  The mobile apps are perfect for using at auction sites.
You can follow kardsharq on Twitter at @kardsharq
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- Randy Logan
Head Sharq